Project Zero Development Log


Note this is the note for my recent game project with 山萩氏(Yamahagi). >> Friendly link <<

Due to the name of this project is not decided yet, so let’s call it Project Zero「暫定」=w=

I will update this log when any new progress has been made.




Development cycle

RL 1

Control System

  • BattleShip Controls OK
      • Thrust
      • Pitch
      • Yaw
      • Roll
  • BattleShip Camera Controls
    • Orbiting Camera
      • Basic version (camera only orbiting in circle)
      • Oval camera mapping (Advanced Camera Orbit) ?
    • telescope system OK
      • max telescope factor
      • mouse smooth factor
  • BattleShip Weapon Controls
    • Turrets follows camera horizon when is not targeted
    • Able to switch operate weapon
    • Anti-Ship guns OK
      • Rotate to target with angle limit
      • Elevation target with angle limit
    • Anti-ship missiles (対艦ミサイル) OK #Simpleversion, no target following
    • Anti-ship lazer
      • Lazer wepaon
        • Duration time
    • Anti-air guns #Moved to R2
      • Rotate to target with angle limit #Moved to R2
      • Elevation target with angle limit #Moved to R2
    • Anti-air missiles (対空ミサイル) #Simpleversion, no target following #Moved to R2
      • Ungaide rockets (對空噴進彈幕) #Moved to R2

Damage System

  • Health system OK
    • Can interact with any damage
    • Health display
  • Weapon damage OK
    • Hadouhou (波動砲) Moved to #R2
    • Weapon Reload time

Bug Checklist

  1. Wrong Turret rotation when the ship is rotated (e.g. roll) (Sparrow & TOM)
  2. Turret should follow the camera’s horizon when is not targeted (Sparrow)
  3. Turret & barrels angle limit (TOM & Sparrow)
  4. Lazer has accuracy issue when is not targeted to the gameobj (Sparrow)
  5. No fire allowed until reach aimed position (Yamahagi & TOM)
  6. Camera angle issue, view ship from the inverse angle (view from bottom to up)(Yamahagi & TOM)
  7. The camera should stick with ship’s rotation (Yamahagi & TOM)
  8. Wrong target when the obstacle block the camera view (Sparrow & TOM)
  9. Re impl the ship control system (able to calculate the force by given max speed) (Yamahagi & TOM)
  10. The ship keeps rotating on its origin when colliding with other game objects (can be fixed by add angular drag,) (Yamahagi & TOM

Issue list

  • sin angel, when two axis turn into 180, the axis turn back to number less than 180(Y軸の回転角度が180度を超えると、180度未満の値になります)
  • camera rotate axis, W,S turn into ship Y axis and world Y axis in 90 dgree, camera rotation wrong Dev Screenshots(船体のY軸が世界のY軸と垂直の場合、カメラの回転角度は正しくありません)
  • unity 座標変換回転行列と順序(顺规)

Development Note:

  • なし

RL 2:

  • Class Type System
    • Type of vehicle
    • Class of vehicle 
  • Battleship Control System (Addtional Features):
    • Launch aircraft
    • Restore aircraft
  • Aircraft Control System
    • Basic Control
    • Weapon Control
  • Team System
    • Map
      • Simple Debug UI for team allocation 
      • Basic map controls
        • able to move around 
        • able to link two unit
    • Able to switch unit
    • Able to form team
      • Unit allocation
      • Unit deallocation
    • Able to disband
    • Able to merge 2 teams
  • BattleShip Weapons (Additional feature, good to have)
    • Anti-air guns
    • Anti-air missiles
    • Chimenteki weapon (致命的な武器)
      • Wave gun 波動砲
  • Goal:
    • Have the team management system
    • Able to switch unit
    • Able to control aircraft


t eams.png

Ver 2:




Added the team allocation ui (Simple Ver)


Added the weapon switch system & implemented the damage system

Finished the anti-ship guns?

anti-ship guns angle limit testing

BattleShip controls testing

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